The biggest waves at Eshaness Maurice has ever seen!

The band are enjoying being kept up to date with the ever changing weather conditions by Maurice. We thought you might also enjoy being kept up to speed with the latest descriptions and photos from Shetland. Maurice kindly agreed to let us post his stunning photos and observations …

From Maurice -

Since I got back to Shetland from Celtic Connections we have had a crazy mix of weather including a severe gale that drove the biggest waves I have seen hitting the cliffs at Eshaness.  I saw the extreme waves being forecast and drove north to Eshaness, a headland that on the North and West of the Shetland mainland takes the brunt of the winter storms.  Just a few minutes of the Eshaness sea air at the lighthouse, cleared away any fatigue from Up Helly Aa or Celtic Connections.  I mentioned the rough winter weather in Shetland and dark nights at the Concert in Glasgow so thought it would be fine to post a few photos.

Eshaness Waves 4 February 2013-14

It was quite exhilarating, witnessing the sheer power of the ocean.  The cliffs where the wave is breaking in the photo is 130 feet high and the nearest headland about 160 feet to give and idea of scale.  The blow hole at the lighthouse was blasting spray about 300 feet into the air and dowsing me and the car park with salt water.  It felt like the water running of the deck of a boat as it drained back over the cliffs.  The second photo was taken at Stenness.  This is definitely what you would call a house with a sea view.  Again the cliffs are about 130 feet high.

Stenness Waves 4 February 2013

 The end of the week, I played at Mareel with Vair supporting the Kris Drever trio.  It was a fine night outside so I sneaked off after I had played and headed for the dark skies of Shetland's west side.  The sky was clear over East Burrafirth and there was a hard ground frost of -6 degrees under foot.  The stars were incredible with the Milky Way visible overhead and the aurora making a faint appearance in the North, topping off a stunning night. I managed to capture a shot with the Milky Way over head, Jupiter is the bright object with the Seven Sisters next to it, you can also see further to the right a faint smudge that is the Andromeda Galaxy.  Our neighbour galaxy and most distant object in the sky visible to the naked eye, 2.5 million light years away.  I eventually had to head back to the car as my feet were about to turn into blocks of ice after several hours in the hill, it was 3am!

East Burrafirth

 A change again on Saturday it was lovely and sunny, Shetlanders were laying off their jackets, heading to the beach and some folk even  wearing T-shirts.  I missed the height of the day having turned practically nocturnal over the last few weeks of festivals.

East Burrafirth-4

 all photos © Maurice Henderson

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