Stuck in a Ditch in Dumfries!

We made it down to Dumfries through the snow to play our gig at the Big Burns Supper. There were a few anxious moments as Catriona was at the helm and had to handle a couple of tricky hill starts in the slippy, snowy conditions to get past a lorry who was stuck on the road.

The gig was great - what a joy to be back in the Speigeltent again. We've played there twice, opposite ends of the world - in Melbourne at the Melbourne Festival 2003 and in Shetland at the Tall Ships 1999.

The gig at the Big Burns festival was great. A lovely audience braved the winter weather to come and have fun with us in the Speigeltent. We were delighted to have guitarist Sean Og Graham play with us - he's a brilliant musician from Irish band Beoga.

During our majestic set 'All Dressed in Yellow' the band were building to a frenzy and Catriona was getting lost in some crazy piano chords when all of a sudden the piano disappeared from beneath her hands - the keyboard stand had collapsed! There wasn't a moment to spare so the stage crew secured it on the floor and she got down on her knees and kept going. never a dull moment! The audience got an insight into the band camaraderie when they saw the rest of the band join Catriona playing on the floor for a tune! A great gig! Thanks to all who joined us, the festival and the stage and sound crew.

We hit the road to get up to Glasgow as there was a busy day to follow of rehearsals for our Celtic Connections gig this saturday. It was more snowy but less traffic around so we slowly and carefully made our way in our 9 seater Merc! 2 miles from joining the motorway the police waved us to stop - the road was shut, we'd have to take a smaller, more snowy road to Lockerbie. Off we went and the sat nav re-routed. Here's where it gets interesting - the sat nav wanted to take us down a wee side road - Catriona stopped to check and that was it - the van slipped into the ditch!

But what could possibly go wrong with a van full of shetland fiddlers?!

Despite wearing slippy gig shoes and getting covered in snow and becoming freezing cold - the boys dug and pushed for an hour and got the van back on the road! Luckily they had fresh in their ears the stories of Fetlar strong man Jeemsie Laurenson (who is the man on the front cover of All Dressed in Yellow) as Maurice had been sharing stories of him at the gig. It's most likely Jeemsie was smiling down on the lads giving them strength!

One last detail - there was no shovel in the hire-van, so what do you do? You use a cd :)


Stay safe and see you soon!

Da Bid x

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