Mirrie Dancers Ower Wormadale, Shetland 17 January 2013

Maurice has beeen taking brilliant photos over the winter. He has shared a time lapse video of Da Mirrie Dancers (Northern Lights) on vimeo for you to see. Stunning work Maurice!!

Aurora January 2013-5

A note from Maurice about his video - 

"Here's a still and a link to a peerie time-lapse.  The film amuses me as it was such a tranquil scene but speeded up, there's so much going on!  Clouds moving SE to NW, then you notice that high up the clouds are travelling in the complete opposite direction (strange).  I love seeing the cars go by. You can also see cars away in the distance going over the Scord O' Weisdale.  A group of folk who were looking for the Mirrie Dancers stopped for a photo with me. I kept them in the film :)"


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