Happy New Year 2014!

Welcoming in 2014, Edinburgh Style.

Fiddlers' Bid bid kicked off 2014 in great style, performing at the famous Edinburgh Hogmanay Street Party.† It was a fun night and a friendly party atmosphere. The band were about to count in the first set and†suddenly some huge fireworks went off from the Castle, the†huge†crowd†of people†that were facing the band†suddenly all†turned 180 degrees to face the fireworks, cameras and phones snapping.† Chris made a fun of it over the mic and†we watched the fireworks with the crowd for†a few moments before launching into Boys o' da Lounge.The fireworks just added to†the, as soon†the folk†heard the first notes you could tell they were really up for a fun night,†screaming, heuchin and dancing.† After our†set we joined the Hogmanay Revellers†out front, enjoying King Creosote and his band and The Treacherous Orchestra, taking in the bells at midnight.† The beautiful calm night in Edinburgh was made for the Fireworks spectacular, that†left†many of the crowd to be heard saying,†"best fireworks I've seen".† It was a fine change from Skekling!

The 1st of January we played at SHET:LAND, an event held in the spectacular venue of Greyfriars Kirk.† The audience were on a kind of mystery tour of 9 venues in Edinburgh, those arriving in Greyfriars Kirk (SHET:LAND)†didn't know what to expect.† The Bid opened the show at 1pm with an informal high energy 40 minute set of Shetland†reels, followed by performances by Shetland Band Všir and Jenna†& Bethany Reid. Fiddlers' Bid†then†played a more†formal set with some favourites off All Dressed in Yellow and we combined forces with the other musicians for a grand finale.† A fine way to spend the first day of the 2014! Tunes, tea, taatie soup and reestit mutton.† There were some great yarns and late night tunes to follow in to the early hours.† Great to meet up with a crew of Fiddlers that were up at the 2013 Fiddle Frenzy.

We took the chance of the next few days to try out a studio in Glasgow, preparing for recording the new album later in the year and spent a couple of days rehearsing up some new material.†It is taking shape and the band hope to see a new album released in the autumn.

Fiddlers' Bid, band members are busy this†next while†with numerous exciting projects and concerts.†

Catriona†has just released a superb†new CD called†'Harponium'†all composed, performed and recorded herself.† Harp and Harmonium, Check it out!

Kevin†will be performing at Celtic Connections with his classy†trio†'Nordic Fiddlers Bloc'††in St. Andrews in the Square Friday 24th January.† That venue should be excellent to hear their rich string sound, some fantastic fiddling and great entertainers. Kevin is also playing along with†Cathal McConnell and friends†on Thursday Jan 30th in the Mitchell Library.†

Chris†and Alasdair MacCuish are performing at Celtic Connections with a truly all-star multi instrumental†cast (that†includes Catriona)†in the Old Fruit Market,†The Great Gathering††will be a Concert and Dance to remember.††Chris and Finlay Macdonald join up with the Scottish Power Pipe Band, Catriona Mckay†and others†for a folk/ orchestral performance of†The Cauld Wind Blaws Big with Undivided. †

Meanwhile back on da Auld Rock!†(Shetland)† Maurice†is taking part in the annual†fire festival season.††He†is†a squad musicians playing for the 2014 Lerwick Up Helly Aa, Jarl's Squad.† Maurice has also been busy recording some new tunes with†his band Haltadans.† These were inspired by a trip†Haltadans†made to†Foula as part of the†Back From Beyond†project.† You can here the tunes and see some fine Foula scenery in this splendid†Haltadans Video†of their trip, with soundtrack recorded in Mareel by Jonathan Ritch.

Well here's to†the New Year, it has been very good so far!

Have a great 2014!

© Fiddlers' Bid 2015